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Job Title Description
Account Manager

1. New business development
2. New account development
3. Design in activities
4. New Product Promotion
5. Market study & trend feedback
6. Familiar with connector product or market is better


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Job Title Description
Cable RD 1. More than 5 years of relevant experience in wiring harness design and assembly production. (Server/ 3C/ Automotive) 2. Understand the connector terminal riveting, welding, processing technology, and molding processes 3. Understand the calculation of wire current square and wire selection 4. High-speed wire process production experience is preferred 5. Knowledge of wire harness design and wire harness manufacturing process design
Product Manager 1. Identifies market and technology trends. Leads new product planning and sets priorities 2. Engaging in the new business screen and new product evaluation 3. Provides product presentation and conduct product training for sales 4. Visit customer for product promotion or technical support in the company with sales 5. Increase the sales revenue and market share of the major product lines
Front-end Design Engineer

-Communicate with customers about product specification and understand customer requirements and design the suitable proposal
-Early involvement in customer concept design and provide quick feedback and suggestions to customer
-Communicate with back end design team and factory, review the DFM report, communicate with customers about the DFM
report and get the design approval from customer
-Review FAI, ET test report, build report with AQP, back end engineer and discussion with customers
-Review with customer about the sample quality and design issue and forward to factory
-Demonstrate new technology and design guideline to customer
-Any other technical communications with customer
-Any other technical supports to customer

PD Engineer

1.Working with cross-functional teams to fulfill the engineering of new product design and development
2.Review FAI, ET test report, build report with AQP, back end engineer and discussion with customers
3.Working with operations and supply chain to bring application engineered products through to operational status
4.Resolving practical problems, interpreting results and working to written specification

When you join BellWether, you will have plenty of opportunity to grow and develop with us through coaching on the job and classroom learning. 


Core competencies: 
BellWether's core competencies form the main axis for cultivating the values and behaviors necessary for innovation capacity, speed, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Specialized competencies: 
Skills for electronic components and products form the framework to cultivate talent capable of devising, designing, and delivering comprehensive solutions for world-class electronics components and products. These competencies are developed through basic operational training in research and development, design, and assembly, discussion and writing, as well as project management, quality management, patent applications, and other practical exercises.

Management competencies: 
Management competences such as analysis and decision making, emotion management, and situational leadership, help managers strengthen their execution power, leadership management, and problem analysis and decision making.