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Type Housing
Pitch (Power/Signal) 1.5mm/1.0mm
Circuit (Power/Signal) 4/3
Current (Power/Signal) 4.0A/2.0A
Operating Voltage (Power/Signal) 30V/30V
Mating Height 2.0mm
Fitting Nail Length -
Durability 30 Cycles
Flammability UL-94_V0
Mating Terminal Material Copper Alloy
Housing Material High Temperature Thermoplastic
Operating Temperature -25℃~85℃
Contact Resistance (Max.) (Power/Signal) 10 mΩ/20 mΩ
Withstanding Voltage (Power/Signal) 250V/250V
Insulation Resistance (Min.) (Power/Signal) 100 MΩ/100 MΩ
Mating series 80188 series
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