Great Honor for three years in succession-BellWether wins 2019 Gorden Torch Award2019 / 12 / 30

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Great Honor for three years in succession
Besides Bellwether's innovative products-"SlimChorma™" & "Micro-Hi" won Golden Torch Award last year,
 our another outstanding designs-"CrystaBand™" & "HPSU" win Golden Torch Award again in 2019. 
We have won the championship for three years in succession.
Check out our website for more information of the award products. yes

"CrystaBand™" & "HPSU" win Golden Torch Award again in 2019

High Power Supply Unit enlightenedClick

  • Longer wiping length
  • Enhanced housing design
  • Better terminals protection
  • Higher current capacity for high current version
CrystalBand™ enlightenedClick
  • High current-carrying capacity
  • High resistance to vibration,        shock and impact
  • High current-carrying capacity
  • Low contact resistance
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low insertion force
  • High mating cycles