BellWether wins 2017 Gorden Torch Award in Taiwan2018 / 07 / 12

Company News
Great Honor Again! 
Besides Bellwether's innovative products-"High Speed POGO" & "Magicshark™" won Golden Torch Award in 2016,  our another outstanding designs-"SlimChorma™" & "Micro-Hi" win Golden Torch Award again in 2017. Check out our website for more information of the award products. yes

"SlimChorma™" & "Micro-Hi" win Golden Torch Award again in 2017


SlimChroma™ enlightenedClick

  • Many folding options for easy deployment.
  • Space reduction with narrow & thin design.
  • Breakthrough shield design to reduce RFI interference & provides stable impedance control.
  • Lower insertion loss as compared to AWG Micro Coax.
Micro-Hi enlightenedClick
  • Powerful fool-proof mechanism.
  • Enhanced positive-locking mechanism.
  • Higher current carrying capacities.
  • Reducing exsiting footprint size comparing with same total carrying current competitors.
  • Glow wire test (GWT) is passed based on IEC 60695-2-11 (Also meet IEC 60335-1)