Great Honor for four years in succession-BellWether wins 2021 Golden Torch Award2021 / 10 / 04

Company News
Great Honor for four years in succession
Besides Bellwether's innovative products-" CrystaBand™" & " HPSU " won Golden Torch Award in 2019,
our another outstanding designs-" MagicRhino™" & " SlimMamba™" win Golden Torch Award again in 2021. 
We have won the championship for four years in succession.

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" MagicRhino™" & " SlimMamba™" win Golden Torch Award again in 2021

MagicRhino enlightenedClick

  • Effective assembly and low skew
  • Direct connection style can prevent connection risk and ensure impedance matching
  • Extends transmission range far more over than PCB routes
  • Multiple channels are optional
  • Flexible design for different gold finger style interface
SlimMamba™ enlightenedClick
  • High-Speed data transfer for thunderbolt 3 applications
  • Full shielding design to provide better RFI performance
  • Robust hooks and lock bar to prevent terminals escape after mating
  • Vertical mating style can have wider application